What you do before and after your acupuncture treatment can have an effect on how well the treatment “sticks” (pun intended!).

On your first visit, we recommend you prepare yourself by:

  1. Bathing – Since we are working with the skin, it is important that the skin be clean and free from excess dirt and oils. Your acupuncturist will always clean the area where the needle is going to be inserted with an alcohol swab, but bathing before hand will greatly lessen the chances of infection. Furthermore, the ritual of bathing helps to clear the mind and body. See #4 below. Oh, and please do not wear perfume or other strong smelling scents! Many of our clients are very sensitive to smells and chemicals and we seek to create an environment where everyone is comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing – This will not only ensure your comfort and flow of Qi during the treatment process, but will also make the treatment easier, as points are often needled as high as the knees and shoulders.
  3. Eating – Acupuncture taps into your body’s natural energy reserves. Make sure there is “fuel in the tank”  for your acupuncture journey. We suggest a light meal about an hour before treatment. In essence, to get the most out of your treatment, avoid being too hungry or too full.
  4. Relaxing – A relaxed body and mind receives the treatment with less discomfort and allows the circulation of the body’s natural, vital, healing energy. Tension in the muscles obstructs the flow of Qi,  and and anxious or upset state of mind will do the same. The basic idea is the more relaxed you can get during acupuncture, the better you will feel after your treatment! Leaving the cares of the day behind you and breathing calmly and deeply will help the body to relax.
  5. Avoid alcohol or stimulants before treatment – The effects tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine have on the body may lessen the effects of the acupuncture treatment and make it more difficult for the practitioner to accurately diagnose your condition.  Alcohol and cannabis scatter the Qi, and stimulants can keep you from relaxing (See #4 above).
  6. Get a head start on your intake by printing the forms downloadable here. Take a moment to reflect upon your current state of health and what you have experienced in the past. The more detail you can provide on the intake form, the better we will be able to understand your condition. Bringing relevant lab results, X-rays or MRI’s may help us to better formulate a treatment plan.
  7. Don’t forget your cash, check or credit/debit card. We accept all forms of cash payment. To keep our cost to you to a minimum, we do not accept insurance or work on liens, but may accept “health savings account” (HSA) payments. For the first visit, please add an additional $10 to the sliding scale to cover the cost of the intake evaluation.

By following these simple “points”, you can ensure your first treatment will be a success! Call us at 707-242-6812 if you have questions or need more information. We look forward to seeing you at Cotati Community Acupuncture!